UB – Sand Dunes – Khar Khorum – Khustai National Park

UB – Sand Dunes – Khar KhorumKhustai National Park

 /8 days, 7 nights/

Description: The tour will take you to the beautiful sights of Mongolia and you will be able to stop by at Mongolian herder family to see the well preserved tradition and culture, as well as ride horses. After traveling through countryside we will spend time to enjoy the capital city, visit historical places museums and of course there will be time for shopping cashmere products for winter and souvenirs too.

The highlight of the following tour is “Besreg Naadam” festival where you will be able to see the all events and entertainment in one day, the meaning of Besreg is for brief so it means you can attend the “Brief Naadam” festival. You will be introduced to the nomadic household and lifestyle as it was in 13th century the Chinggis Khaan's era also you can ride yak, make felt with traditional techniques and play ankle bones /ankle bones of sheep is commonly used as toys and entertainment  for the young ones in ancient times and also being in use for modern nomads/ . Visit the protected areas and see the endangered animals which only habits in Mongolia and central Asia. 

Visit the old capital Khar Khorum where you will find the well known monastery called Erdenezuu which has many years of history.



DAY 1.  Ulaanbaatar city

We will pick you up from Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Drop off at booked hotel for check in.

Due to late flight arrivals there is no activities scheduled. /Rest at the hotel/



DAY 2.  Ulaanbaatar city

After having breakfast at the hotel you will be able to get to know the city by visiting museum, historical places.

Places included in our itinerary:  The Sukhbaatar square the center point of the city. At the center of the square you will find 4 meter tall statue of commander D. Sukhbaatar, north side of the square you can see the Mongolian Government Palace. In the front of the Palace you will see the 5.4 meter tall statue of our Chinggis Khaan the father of Great Mongol Empire.


National Museum of Mongolia is the only museum which contains exhibit that shows the pure nature of our Mongolian tradition and nomadic culture, history with overall 50,000 exhibits in 10 halls.

ConNext destination takes us to Gandan Monastery where you will see magnificent Janraisag goddess which is 26,5 meters tall statue built from 27 tons of steel, 7500 of sheet gold, over 2000 different type of gems.tent

At the end you will be taken to Mongolian folk concert, where you will enjoy the unique techniques of throat singing, folk song, contortion performance, Mongolian horse head string instrument performance.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Hotel/


DAY 3.  Ulaanbaatar – Sand Dunes

The Sand dunes situated across Uvurkhangai and Bulgan province’s Erdenesat, Burd, Gurvanbulag soums for 80 km which has unique Gobi mountainous and fertile pastures. You will enjoy the sand dunes and ride central Asian two backed camel through the sand hills.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Mongolian traditional yurt/


DAY 4.  Sand DunesKhar Khorum old capital city

After breakfast at Sand Dunes tour will take off to the old capital of Mongolian Khar Khorum.

In Mongolian history Khar Khorum was the very first capital city, where the great adventurer Marco Polo had visited. The history of the old capital city starts between 1220-1380. The Chinggis Khaan has ordered to make Khar Khorum the capital of the Mongol Empire since 1220 the building process had begun. After the death of Chinggis Khaan his inherit Ogoodei Khaan continued his prophecy and made the Khar Khorum capital a flourishing trade city. The magnificence of the city had been mentioned in Marco Polos travel note and in Mongolian Secret History. It is the most important trade stop of historical Silk Road’s merchants and you will find one of the ancient monasteries called Erdenezuun Monastery.



Erdenezuu Monestary - Long after the ruins of the Khar Khorum city, in 1586, the 29th generation of Chinggis Khaan, Abtaisain Khaan he started to rebuild the oldest monastery known for today. Erdenezuu monastery was known as the biggest and the largest monastery, the population developed to 62 temples, over 500 gers and houses resided by 10000 monks in 400x400 m walls, by 1793.

In 19th century due to the communist power most of the monasteries were destroyed and monks being killed and Ernedezuu was one of the temples. After the mass destruction, only 28 temples of Erdenzuu monastery are preserved and serves as a museum, the oldest temple of Mongolia in Tibetan style which is active in our days. 

The most fascinating part is the architectural structure of the monastery, where the Tibetan, Chinese and Mongolians have constructed the monastery without using a single nail.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Mongolian traditional yurt/


DAY 5.  Khar Khorum old capital city - Khustai National Park

Tour will take you to the beautiful natural sight located 100 km from Ulaanbaatar city, which is protected by the Government. The main objectives of the park are to conserve the ecosystem and build up the population of wild horses /Mongolian Zebra/, the only wild horse in the world that habit in Mongolia also the wild habitats of our country such as wild deer, aper, and many types of birds.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Mongolian traditional yurt/


DAY 6.  Khustai National Park – Ulaanbaatar

Settle at Mongol Nomadic tourist camp from Khustai National Park. The tour will take you to Naadam festival where you will see the true nomadic celebration, wrestling, archery, horse race and Mongolian traditional competition and even you can enjoy riding horse, yak, camels and participate in making the felt as it used to back in the old days.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Hotel/


DAY 7.  Ulaanbaatar city

After breakfast, tour will take place at city center and take you to Wax museum. The wax figures are imitation of the Chinggis Khan and great king and queens along with the general and army leaders of 13th century.

You will find them as if they are alive and standing next to you. Visit State Department store and world famous cashmere shop.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Hotel/


DAY 8.  Ulaanbaatar city

Enjoy breakfast at hotel and prepare to leave to international airport. Catch flight to return back home with full of unforgettable experience in Mongolia.



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