South Gobi short tour

South Gobi short tour:  

UB– South Gobi province – Khavtsgait Khad – Moltsog Sand – Mukhar Shivert valley – Ulaanbaatar city

/6 days 5 nights/

Description: Tour will take you to birthplace of 70 millions year old dinosaur. Gobi desert is certainly one of the magnificent places to visit. As soon as you arrive at Gobi you can ride Central Asian two back camels through the sand dunes. Tour also includes watch the sunrise and sunset at Gobi desert it will leave you mesmerized.

Have you ever heard that in the middle of the dessert there could be ice glacier? In Mongolia we had that and it stretches for 6 km of ice, water, cliff the unique natural complex. 

After traveling through countryside we will spend time to enjoy the capital city, visit historical places museums and of course there will be time for shopping cashmere products for winter and souvenirs too.



Day 1 Ulaanbaatar

We will pick you up from Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Drop off at booked hotel for check in. /Rest at the hotel/

Accommodation /Hotel/



Day 2 Ulaanbaatar city – Umnugobi – Khavtsgait – Bayanzag

Have a breakfast at the hotel venue. Prepare to depart to South Gobi province capital Dalanzadgad by domestic flight.

Arrive at Bulgan soum of South Gobi province and visit rock formation, located at the Boginin Khyar ridge to the west of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountain Range, where you can see depictions of ancient man drawing their bow and arrow. Settle at the local camp for lunch.

Day 3 Bayanzag – Moltsog Sand Yol valley

Prepare to depart to Moltsog sand. Travel through Gobi sand hills if you wish to ride Central-Asian two back camels it can be arranged by your request.

After lunch time we will take you to the Yol valley of  East great mountain which is located at deserted part of South Gobi province’s Dalanzadgad soum. The valley is the home for the endangered animals such as snow leopard, wild mountain sheep, ibex, marten, blacktail. 

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Mongolian traditional yurt/


DAY 4.  Yol valley – Mukhar Shivert valley - Dalanzadgad

Depart to next destination called Mukhar Shivert valley. The valley itself has combination of water ice cliff, during the summer time you will find cliff with frozen water running and preserved as ice glacier. It is magnificent to see ice fountain and green grass growing like in the wonderland. The tallest waterfall is 10 meters tall.  After lunch time, we will arrive at Dalanzadgad city and visit Ajnai square and Dinosaur museum. Have dinner and rest at the hotel. 

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Hotel/


DAY  5.  Dalanzadgad - Ulaanbaatar city

Arrive at Ulaanbaatar city by domestic flight. Spend time to know the capital city.

Places included in our itinerary: The Sukhbaatar square the center point of the city. At the center of the square you will find 4 meter tall statue of commander D. Sukhbaatar, north side of the square you can see the Mongolian Government Palace. In the front of the Palace you will see the 5.4 meter tall statue of our Chinggis Khaan the father of     Great Mongol Empire.


National Museum of Mongolia is the only museum which contains exhibit that shows the pure nature of our Mongolian tradition and nomadic culture, history with overall 50,000 exhibits in 10 halls.

Next destination takes us to Gandan Monastery where you will see magnificent Janraisag goddess which is 26,5 meters tall statue built from 27 tons of steel, 7500 of sheet gold, over 2000 different type of gems.


At the end you will be taken to Mongolian folk concert, where you will enjoy the unique techniques of throat singing, folk song, contortion performance, Mongolian horse head string instrument performance.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation /Hotel/


DAY  6.  Ulaanbaatar city

Enjoy breakfast at hotel and prepare to leave to international airport. Catch flight to return back home with full of unforgettable experience in Mongolia.                                                                                                                




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