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Gobi-Khuvsgul-Khangai tour

This tour is very unique as you will be able to see the desert and mountains during the trip. The Umnugobi province, in south of Mongolia, is famous with its archeological discoveries of 70 million years old dinosaurs and two-humped camels, the only animal that enabled the travel of caravans on the Silk Road. Our tour includes camel riding experience, for your unforgettable full experience of the Gobi desert.

The Khuvsgul lake is known as the second largest voluminous  lake in the world, located north of Mongolia, has been the home to reindeer herders, they have preserved the nomadic tradition from the ancient times. Tour will take you to the very first capital city of Mongolia which established in the 13th century, even one of the great historians such as Marco Polo have visited and even mentioned in his travel notes. After capturing the remaining of the capital city,  will take you to Khustai National Park, where wild horse or we say Mongolian zebra habits. At the end of the tour you be taken to hot spring to take all your road fatigue and before your departure you will have time for yourself to enjoy the modern nomadic lifestyle and visit  brand cashmere shops. Gobi-Khuvsgul-Arkhangai tour