Altai-Khangai tour

Altai, Khangai tour 

Altai express tour will take you to western provinces, such as Khovd and Bayanulgii. If you  interested in experiencing ancient culture of Mongolia then this tour is right for you. This tour is very unique as we will take you to the rural places where you will find not only ancient cave painting that preserved for several million years but also wild nature, lakes, rare animals and birds. Tour has included an travel plan of visiting Bayanulgii where most of the Khazakh nation have living.  You will introduced to their lifestyle and you will amazed by the way they have preserved their tradition and be able to see eagle and falcon up from close, the main instrument of hunting.

The next destination of tour will be the 200 million years old Khuvsgul lake, the second largest voluminous fresh water lake in the world, located north of Mongolia, the home to reindeer herders. We will visit one of the reindeer herder families and you will be able to get familiar with their daily life and tradition.

Our tour will take you to the very first capital city of Mongolia which established in the 13th century, even one of the great historians such as Marco Polo have visited and even mentioned in his travel notes. After capturing the remaining of the capital city, tour will take you to Khustai National Park, where wild horse or we say Mongolian zebra habits. At the end of the tour you will taken to hot spring to take all your road fatigue and before your departure you will have one day for yourself to enjoy the modern nomadic lifestyle and visit world-wide known cashmere shops.